Solo Shows

2017 Modalities Gallery Gevik, Toronoto, Ont.

Peripeteia Michelangelo Gallery, Calgary, AB.

2012 Modern Times Winchester Galleries, Victoria, B.C.

2011 About Time Winchester Galleries, Victoria, B.C.

2010 Sundials and Metronomes Brentwood Bay Resort, B.C

2010 Pivotal Views Maple Ridge Art Gallery, Maple Ridge , B.C

2008 A Fold In Time Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2007 Recent Works Keystone Art Gallery, Calgary, AB.

2005 Metaphor Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2004 Arbutus: Westcoast Luminism Brentwood Bay Resort, B.C.

2003 Portrait of a Tree Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2002 Selected Works Goward House Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

1996 Small Gouaches Vanity Fair, Victoria, B.C.

1994 Philip Mix and Ken Faulks Paintings Winchester Galleries, Victoria, B.C. 

1990 Manus Deo Stephen Lowe Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

1980 Portrait/Gestus Muttart Gallery, Calgary, AB

Group Shows

2014 20/20  Winchester Galleries, Victoria, B.C.

2013 Canadian Figurative Art Gallery Gevik, Toronto, ON.

2013 Contemporary Abstraction Gallery Gevik, Toronto, ON.

2012 Collector's Choice Gallery Gevik, Toronto, ON.

2011 Toni Onley Letters to Akiko and Guest Elliot Louis Gallery, Vancouver B.C. 

2010 Form Rearanged Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2009 Celebrating Small Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C

2009 Masterpiece Weekend Steffich Fine Art, Saltspring Island, B.C

2008 Size Matters Steffich Fine Art, Saltspring Island, B.C

2007 Celebrating Small Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2007 A New Perspective Steffich Fine Art, Saltspring Island, B.C

2006 Christmas Show Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C

2005 Celebrating Small Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2002 Opening Show Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2002 Christmas Show Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, B.C

2002 The Small Show Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2001 First Show Caswell Lawrence Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2000 Summer Show IslandFolk Gallery, Tofino, B.C.

1996 Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1995 Sooke Art Show Sooke, B.C.

1994 Cadogan Gallery, London, U.K.

1993 Carmel Art Gallery, Carmel, Israel

1988 Sooke Art Show Sooke, B.C.

1988 North Park Galley, Victoria, B.C.

1984 Gallery Show Gallery Santa Cruz, California, USA

1982 Virginia Christopher Galleries, Calgary, AB

1980 Graduate Show Alberta College of Art, Calgary AB

1980 Graduate Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB


Brentwood Bay Resort, Brentwood Bay ,B.C.

Harbour Towers, Victoria, B.C.

Alberta Art Foundation, Edmonton, AB

Amadon Group, Victoria, B.C.

Victoria Pub Company, Victoria, B.C.

Scotia Bank, Victoria, B.C.

Michael C. Williams Trust, Victoria, B.C

Vancouver Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.

Short Bio

Philip Mix was born in Edmonton Alberta in 1955. He received his Bachelor of Arts in painting from the Alberta College of Art, Calgary in1980. His paintings have shown in several Canadian galleries and abroad including London, Israel and Cyprus. He operated a conservation studio, Fine Art Restoration, in Victoria B.C. from 1986 to 2011. During that time he was a member of the Pacific Conservation Group, and Canadian Conservation Associates. Now retired from paintings conservation, he lives in a small community on Vancouver Island and devotes all his energy to his family, his studio, and an uncooperative garden.

My paintings are intenionally spare and dispassionate. They are a study in reduction:in economy of line,confined design,select chords of colour and minimized depth of field. My desire is to produce an artwork that is beautiful for its singleness of purity and purpose: the elegance of simplicity. I choose subjects whose form or function lends itself to the discovery of some intrinsic beauty; a beauty that becomes intriguing once the inherent grace of its form has been recognized and captured.

In-Depth Bio

Philip was born in Edmonton Alberta in 1955. He was awarded a bursary to attend on- going art classes at the Edmonton Art Gallery from the age of eleven and received instruction from Ron Kostyniuk in 1970.His formal art education came from the Alberta College of Art, Calgary and he received his Bachelor of Arts in painting in 1980.He studied under the direction of instructors Ron Moppett, Katie Von der Ohe, Jim Ulrich and Don Kottman. The following year he gave his first one man show at the Muttart Gallery, Calgary. The Canada Council Art Bank purchased a painting and he was represented by Virginia Christopher Gallery. In 1982 he studied photography with Arthur Nishimura at the University of Calgary. At the same time he apprenticed in art conservation at Monro Restorations, Calgary. In 1984 he attended summer session at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He continued his training as art conservator at Museum Services, San José, California.

In 1986 he returned to Canada and started a conservation studio Fine Art Restoration in Victoria B.C. He became a member of the Pacific Conservation Group, and Canadian Conservation Associates. His major contributions in art conservation include St. Ann’s Academy, the collection of Michael C. Williams bequest to Maltwood Art Museum ,Ted Harrison wall murals University of Victoria , the restoration of the drawing room ceiling of Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria(1995-2007) and the paintings of Fredrick Varley, Lawren S. Harris, J.E.H MacDonald, and Emily Carr for the Victoria Art Gallery. In 1992 Philip took a hiatus to travel to Germany with a 15th century painting he had restored, delivering it to the Landesmuseum, Muenster. From there he continued to France and painted for six months the environs of Languedoc, Narbonne. He then went to Israel and established Gallery Gallill in Nahariya, then on to Cyprus, where he set up studio near Paphos and guest lectured at the Cyprus College of Art in Lemba. The collective paintings from this period were shown by Cadogan Gallery in London, England. He returned to Vancouver Island and eventually designed and built an in-home art studio in Chemainus B.C Philip enjoys continued success with his developing style and is presently represented by several British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario galleries.

Philips works are in many private and corporate collections including; Michael C. Williams, Vancouver Hotel, Harbour Towers, Amadon Group, Victoria Pub Company, Scotia Bank, Canada Council Art Bank, and the Brentwood Bay Resort. He continues to contribute to several benefit auctions such as the Eric Charman Gala for the Pacific Opera, the Monterey School Young Artists program, S.A.L.T.S benefit, Richard Eaton Singers, Edmonton, and the Chemainus Theatre.

Artist's Statement

My search has been one of seeking the 'elegance of simplicity. Of late, I have made several significant strides towards that goal. First is the principle of color economy based on a personal theory of tones and chromatic scale that I have been mulling over for two decades. This basically states that a color is best determined by noting its effect when it is in proximity to a color of like and/or opposite value, thereby creating triads or trios of neighboring zones. Next is the economy of space: the seamless union of multiple perspectives and the soft contours of form merging into a geometric playground. Last is creating compositions as a stage for metaphysical metaphors, including now and then a little bit of practical fun.

Philip, his wife Enma and their two sons reside in Chemainus on Vancouver Island, B.C. A graduate of the Alberta College of Art, Calgary in 1980, he has shown his work locally and internationally in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Santa Cruz, London, Cyprus and Israel. In his new works he continues to create in color both subtle and vibrant, paintings draught in bold linear design.